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Every journey you take begins with a single step; your journey into Gujarat is a journey into its amazing 2500yrs of history. Gujarat is a multi hued state and it’s difficult for anybody to discover all the shades of Gujarat on a single tour so it’s called a JOURNEY. Gujarat is a state with a history which dates back from 2500BC having left footprints of the different civilization that had thrived in this region to the 21st century shopping mall culture. We at Gujarat Journeys welcome you with a promise to make your journey in this state a memorable one…

Art & Craft

Art and craft of Gujarat is the reflection of the cultural, religious, anthropological, ritualistic, technical, topographical, climatic and professional aspects of the Indian state. The craft communities are interdependent and this helps in bringing out the variety of art and craft practiced in Gujarat. The art and craft products are manifestations of the daily requirements of the common people.

Birding & Wild Life

Gujarat happens to be one of the most interesting tourist destinations in terms of wild life viewing…

Fairs & Festivals

Gujarat is a land of fairs and festivals. Festivals are an integral part of Gujarat and people dwelling…